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Could Life Continue?
« : Lokakuu 14, 2017, 18:02 »
I’m going to write this shortly because I don’t wish to go too deep with this, but life could continue. It’s quite simple scenario where a person could think of this world being a construct of some kind of beings who created a machine called G-O-D. Of course in this writing that machine is purely hypothetical scenario, but if there was a machine called G-O-D you could perceive upon the reality in terms of pondering how this world would act because of the machine and therefore the machine would have capabilities to continue life. It’s because everything in the existence would be about the code of the machine and therefore we might see just rags’n’bones when we die, but the code of the machine which would be the actual reality would continue life. If you want to put this closer to your own religion and perceptions about the continuation of life, well think it in terms where you can’t know what the surroundings are made of and everything is dictated by them or to be exact the force which is beneath all of this. As you might then see, well there could be rebirth, there could be afterlife, etc. and it all depends what the surroundings are or what is the exact reality made of. I don’t wish to write about my own experiences in altered states of consciousness, but there is a lot of evidence of people experiencing that even this world is part of a more grandeur net. It’s quite simple for science to explain behavior of atoms, particles, etc. because they are something that you can witness quite easily, but there also could be mechanics which act upon the reality by being acts of “calculations”. If I would do this, well through butterfly effect it would create that a person in the future might not come, but it’s quite possible also that superdeterminism is fundamental and therefore I can’t do something without it being part of the plot of life. You see? If you believe that beneath all of this is understanding, consciousness, mechanics, “calculations”, etc., well then it’s quite possible that there also could be fate, but remember that you can’t show this perception false and neither it has been shown as the truth, but if life was to continue, it would mean that there is something dictating all the happenings, or the point is that people truly can believe in fate, they can believe in their religious perspectives, etc., but the reason why I wrote this is because people should still be sane about their perceptions, you see? “I don’t believe that this is the fundamental reality!”, a person could say and no one can be against of that perception and therefore people could agree to disagree, but neither would have the fundamental understanding. I go with epistemological nihilism, but it doesn’t say that I must believe in the continuation of life because it just says that fundamental answers are quite difficult, and as you might see, well there is no reason to be against other religions because religions just have a different term towards what the ground of existence is. Get it? The point just is that in this world a person could say that the world is made of complex immaterial mechanics and it’s quite difficult for science to say that it’s not true, but of course if mechanics was found then they would be put as a form of matter, but a complex net of mechanics, well how can you fundamentally say that it isn’t the truth…? Okay, in the day of death of Muammar Gaddafi I saw the eye of God and couple of months after it I heard the Devil as a flashback in Egypt. I’m not that much towards the supernatural because I believe that consciousness is purely physical, but I understand superdeterminism with the concept that we just go through the plot and the mechanics would then be the “calculations” in the ground of existence. It just felt too much of an event that couldn’t have been a random scenario, but if a person was to ask what I believe in I would always say: “I’m 100 % atheist and this was just a story…”, since I’m all for rationality and therefore people shouldn’t believe everything told by others but to find their own route, so basically I’m asking you to disregard all that you have read in this article, but you see? If I was to go differently, well then a future Buddha, Avatar, Messiah, etc. wouldn’t take birth and perhaps the existence is made for one individual that could come in the future to see what is the exact understanding of the reality, so I would go with superdeterminism even if science shouldn’t start to think it as some kind of fundamental property. F**k! Still let me explain this simple theory! Superdeterminism wouldn’t say that quantum mechanics is false, it would say that uncertainty principle is false, but when something happens with atoms, particles, etc. a person then would have to think that all happenings occur because of more fundamental mechanics, but how you calculate them mechanics? It’s quite impossible because you would have to calculate the “mind of God”? And therefore there doesn’t come a theory of psychoactive substances because people in them see that the reality is too f**king complex because all simple events would create “Indra’s net”, so psychoactive substances are experiences of the mechanics of the reality and the reality is too freakin’ complex to be understood, and why I don’t care about “demons”, “gods”, “spirits”, etc. is because all happenings occur by the singular aspect of things, and that’s the story which someone could in the future probably tell to people, but I doubt that this time and the person is right because I believe in the universal balance of things if I was to go with this theory and this isn’t the right time or an event to cause such behavior, but the reality could be an “organism”, “machine”, “entity” or even all of them. You do understand it? I’m not the One to tell you this, but someday there could come a person who would convince others of the concept that the reality is of singularity and perhaps the whole purpose of evolution through it’s seemingly chaotic acts is to come more sentient and more in touch what the universe, the cosmos, etc. is as a whole because I do regard Gautama Buddha as one person who saw from the seemingly chaotic world aspects of harmony and I can tell you that in psilocybin mushrooms the person can experience that from all the chaos surrounding the world there are acts of harmony beneath.
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