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What brand of coco coir (kookospähkinä) is recommended?

Poissa GoodTime

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Apologies for using English, I don't know how I would ask this question in Finnish. I've had really poor results with different coco coir brands (kookospähkinä) when making my substrate. I was curious what brands this community would suggest and where to buy? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Poissa Eni

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Hi! What problems are you having with the coco coir you have used and how habe you treated it? Some agricultural coir has trichoderma (green mold) added to it because it apparently promotes root growth and such.
Bio Nova brand coir has been working fine, although I don't know if it has trich too. Anyhow, thorough pasteurization should get rid of the possibly added fungi.

PS. I moved your thread to a more suitable area.

Poissa Enteogeeni

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I have successfully used Canna Coco Professional plus.

Now that I checked, it does have trichoderma added.

Edit: If you check Finnish shops, try using the search term "kookoskuitu".
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Poissa Ratosvääri

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Onko kookoskuituun lisätty npk lannoite haitallista sienten kasvulle?